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About Us

We're an international community connected with Saalem Church in Helsinki, Finland and part of the Finnish Pentecostal Movement (Suomen Helluntaikirkko - Finnish). As a church, we have a rich history spanning nearly a century of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, locally and around the world.


Saalem also supports several international churches and works right here in Helsinki, with Saalem English Church being one of them. Our congregation is made up of individuals who have moved to Finland for marriage or work, university students, expats and Finns with a big heart for the international or English-speaking community.

No matter what brings you to the capital region and to Saalem, you'll find a community committed to discovering and growing in our faith together and a heart to reach others. Welcome!

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What To Expect

Whether you visit on a Sunday or participate in one of our other activities, there are 3 things at the core of who we are and what we do:

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One of Jesus' first words to those who met him for the first time was, "Come and see!". It was an invitation to discover what walking and knowing Jesus is all about. We want to extend that same invitation to you!


Maybe you're curious about the Christian faith or simply have questions. It doesn't matter whether you're a skeptic, a committed follower of Jesus or somewhere in between, you are welcome!


Through regular meetings and activities, you will have the opportunity to discover what faith looks like and perhaps take steps on your ow faith journey here at Saalem English Church.


In Finland, growing seasons can be quite limited as we look forward to the summer berries, fall apples and other treats throughout the year. Everything needs the right environment for growth. We believe that God has designed us to experience life and growth within the context of a community.

Here at Saalem English Church we are committed to growing together. Each personal story of God working in our lives is a powerful tool to build and strengthen, not only our faith, but that of others.

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Jesus never turned anyone away. Rather, he extended an open hand to others no matter their background or current life situation, so they, could experience his love, forgiveness and new life.

Today, we believe Jesus is still extending an invitation to all to come and know him personally. For this reason, we want to do all that we can to help reach others with the Good News and hope that we have received through Jesus alone.

Interested in knowing more?


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